After Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift is Making Her Game to Torture Us

First we saw a ridiculous mobile game called Kim Kardashian Hollywood and now something even worse is going into development. Taylor Swift is working on her game with Glu, the same company behind Kim Kardashian’s game.

Taylor Swift will rely on her 227 million social followers to make her game a blockbuster, and make millions.

We realize that Taylor and her global fan base expect a new and highly differentiated mobile gaming experience. Glu is equally committed to designing never before seen gameplay elements that utilize Taylor’s unique creativity. Accordingly, we will spend the required development time to ensure this innovation is achieved.

Judging by the amount of success Kim’s game received and seeing Taylor Swift working on her game as well, it is safe to say more celebs will follow in their footsteps to make their own mobile games.

The deal is huge for Glu who is already making millions from Kim Kardashian Hollywood. Details regarding what the game will be aren’t yet shared but if they do something to Kim Kardashian Hollywood, we may be learning how to become a Pop icon from Taylor Swift.

Kim Kardashian’s game racked up 22.4 million players during first month and made Glu $40 million in in-app purchases. Do you think Taylor’s game can do better? The number of followers she has, it is very much possible that Taylor Swift’s game is going to be Glu’s next big hit.