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Rocket League Xbox One Release is Almost Here

With the popularity of Rocket League on other formats there is no doubt that Xbox One fans are eager to finally get hold of the game on their console. It looks like they won’t have too long to wait.

While no specific date has yet been revealed for the release of the game, it appears that “Mid-February” is when Xbox One users can expect it to arrive:

The fact the game is going through the certification process is good news, because that means it is going through the final checks before it can officially release onto the console. As long as everything goes well, and Microsoft give it the go ahead then mid-February will see the arrival of the game on Xbox One.

It will be interesting to see what extras will come to the game. We’ve already seen the announcement that Sunset Overdrive extras will be released exclusively, but what about the rest of the features PC and PlayStation 4 already have? With Rocket Labs Mode and new maps coming to the game soon, hopefully Xbox One players will get these updates at the same time as everybody else.

With the release of Rocket League on Xbox One the growth of popularity for the game is likely to continue. The future for the surprise hit looks to be bright.

Will you be getting Rocket League for Xbox One? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.