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Rocket Labs Mode Comes to Rocket League, Adds New Maps

Rocket League devs are adding a new mode called Rocket Labs. The mode will let you try out new maps in the game. The first three maps introduced with Rocket Labs will feature a very different field layout then we what we have previously seen.

The first map is called Utopia Retro, a return of the circular map from Rocket League progenitor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. We also have Underpass, it features varied elevations and ariel racing action.

Last but not the least we have Double Goal, a nightmare for goalkeepers. The map features two separate openings for each team’s goals.

Developers will use Rocket Labs mode to test new maps and get feedback from players. Maps will release as soon as they are ready to go. However, released dates for new maps isn’t yet finalized. Also, new maps won’t be available for competitive matches anytime soon.

However, maps like Wasteland and Snow Day are now being move over to competitive scene with the February update.

Source: GameSpot