PES 2016 myClub Now Available on PC

Late last year Konami released the free-to-play version of PES 2016 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Today the game has made its way to the PC, though hopefully it will be a better version of the game than the full version that is available on that platform.

PES 2016 myClub is a stripped down version of the full game which gives the player a taster of what can be played in the full version. The game includes the Exhibition Mode, Training, and the MyClub section of the game.

The teams available to play are restricted to 7 teams which include Bayern Munich, Juvenus, AS Roma, Brazil and France.

“This version will allow new users to experience PES 2016’s online and offline play, and unlimited access to the myClub mode wherein players use accrued in-game currency and micro-transactions to build a title-winning team.”

With the game being free-to-play obviously there will be a push to get the players to use micro-transactions to boost their game, just as happens with the full version of the game. Players who are playing the game free though may see the potential of paying a little more to get more progress and enjoyment from the game.

PES 2016 myClub can be downloaded from Steam now and looking at the reviews there is a lot of positivity around the release. Hopefully this will stay positive and we’ll see fans of both the free version and full get enjoyment from it.

What are your thoughts on PES 2016 myClub’s release on PC? Will you be taking a look at it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.