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Overwatch Beta Restarts Feb 9; New Mode, Maps, Progression System and More

the first Overwatch beta went live back in October when it was signed up for by more than seven million people! Now, all the important feedback received from there has been applied and a new closed beta testing phase is scheduled to launch of February 9.

Blizzard seems to have been rather busy with their “technicians” probing all the possible new features and aspects of the team based shooter over the past couple of weeks. As a result, we now have some exciting new features to test out. Hype!

Get ready for your next objective, heroes—the Overwatch Closed Beta returns February 9! Since the last round of testing, our technicians back in Winston’s lab have been hard at work analyzing field data and building out several new features and update.

As revealed by the developers previously, a new game mode as well as some new maps have been added to the game alongsside several hero balancing updates which were also discussed some time ago.

We know that the game is going to have a progression system that will be different from that of World of Warcraft and Diablo, and the new beta is going to be the ideal time to test out the all new progression system.

Some of the updates and new features that you will be able to differentiate from the previous OVerwatch beta include:

  • An all-new progression system
  • Two new maps, including a new game mode
  • Several hero balance updates
  • And a variety of Private Game updates, including full A.I. matches

If you plan on becoming a part of the Overwatch beta you can sign up for it here.