Far Cry Primal Live Action Trailer Takes a Trip Back in Time

Far Cry Primal is releasing in a few weeks, and to build up some hype for the game we have a new live action trailer. What it manages to do though is give an idea exactly why the game is going back to the Stone Age.

One of the biggest questions about the game is why go back to the Stone Age? Well now we have our answer. What we see in this live-action trailer is the action begin in a Call of Duty style battle before moving back to World War 2. From there it continues through recognisable battles through history until we finally get to the Far Cry Primal setting.

What the trailer does well is emphasising that the removal of guns is bringing the “guts” back to the game. This is more about courage and using more simple weapons to do battle. We’ll have to use the environment, and more importantly we will have to tame the beasts around us to aid us in our journey.

Moving away from the gameplay and emphasising on just why the game is set in the Stone Age is a smart move for Ubisoft. It builds up a good amount of hype for the game as well as setting the scene. Other trailers have also introduced the other tribes, and the languages that will be used in the game so we now have a good idea what to expect.

Now that Far Cry has gone primal and is focusing more on aggression and strength in the gameplay, it will be interesting to see if this will be a totally different game. From the gameplay we’ve seen so far it is fair to say that the Far Cry DNA is still deep in the game.

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