eSports is Just a “Great Marketing Tool” For NBA 2K16 Publisher

Road to Finals, the first official competitive tournament for NBA 2K16 was announced a couple of days ago and it is being viewed as a major turn for the franchise towards eSports. However, Take-Two registered surprisingly better revenues due to the game, which is why the idea behind entering eSports in neither making money nor the support of eSports itself, rather “great marketing.”

Or at least that is what the chief operating officer of Take-Two, Karl Slatoff, thinks.

Slatoff was attending a meeting with the investors where he made the surprising confession – although we are not sure if his opinion should be regarded as the opinion of the company itself.

So far we see it as a great marketing tool. It’s an additional way to gain exposure and expand our audience. That is our primary focus at this point.

This point of view of his is based in the fact that Take-Two Interactive is not sure whether eSports can be regarded as a direct mode of business and moneymaking. Even with the Road to Finals announcement, Slatoff says that the jury is still out and that they do not expect it to be enormous.

I think the jury is still out. It remains to be seen if it is a direct way for our company to make revenue. We’re not expecting it to be enormous. It certainly is making us think more and more what the opportunity is for the company.

NBA 2K16 joins the likes of Call of Duty and League of Legends in June this year with Road to Finals.