Dying Light – The Following DLC Brings With it Be The Zombie Updates

With The Following DLC for Dying Light Techland are looking to add many improvements that will bring lots of new features to the game. One feature already that will be getting a revamp will be the Be the Zombie mode.

In the new trailer above you can see what The Following will be bringing to the 1 v 4 person battles, and that is the weaponised buggies. In the YouTube description for the trailer, they reveal even more details about what this mode will bring:

“Dying Light’s asymmetric PvP multiplayer mode Be the Zombie returns in Dying Light: The Following to unveil a new dimension of 4v1 online matches. As showcased in the trailer, the competitive gameplay gets much more dynamic and violent with the addition of weaponised buggies and the new map, allowing players to come up with completely new tactics for both survivors and the Night Hunter. Additionally, the Night Hunter has undergone a series of balance tweaks, which translates into a new experience that will surprise even veteran Be the Zombie players.”

With The Following it looks like Dying Light will become a lot more interesting, and will likely bring people back to the game. Those who haven’t ventured into the zombie-infested city may also be enticed with all the new features coming.

The Following is set to be a huge expansion to the game, and is bringing better graphics with it. Looking at this trailer the zombie hunts are going to get even more interesting.

Will The Following DLC bring you back to Dying Light? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.