Black Ops 3 Hotfix Deals With Uplink and Safeguard Spawn, Hit Indicator and More

Treyarch has released a new hotfix to deal with some issues players reported after the release of The Awakening DLC for Black Ops 3. The DLC released with update 1.05 on PlayStation 4 and will arrive to PC and Xbox One a month or so.

The Awakening brought plenty of new content including 4 maps and a hefty chunk of zombie mode content. If you need help with Black Ops 3: The Awakening DLC, please check out:

The hotfix deals with “Uplink and Safeguard spawn edits. Hit Indicator. DLC map exploits. UI errors. ZM stuff.” More fixes will arrive in the near future.

That’s all for the new Black Ops 3 hotfix, but there some concerns over matchmaking that haven’t been addressed so far. David Vonderhaar commented on the situation:

We aren’t futzing around on this stuff. It’s a big game with a big community and we are @Treyarch. You know how we do.

I’ll say it one time and one time only. We haven’t changed matchmaking. At all. What you think you feel is fragmentation. People who have the DLC get matched to other people who have the DLC. This is typically more engaged/active players. Period.

Vonderhaar also revealed that this weekend’s event will give players double weapons XP. The event will start tomorrow and will end on February 8.

Source: Twitter