Someone Made a Working Basic Calculator in Super Mario Maker!

Yes, you read that correctly: using Bob-ombs and an assortment of gates and switches, a clever dude (or dudess?) managed to make a basic calculator in Super Mario Maker.

Of course, you can’t expect it to compute logarithmic functions and perform integration, but you can add together 0’s and 1’s. It’s a cool visual representation of how binary addition works in computing.

Now before someone somewhere says, “But how!?” followed by a reply with this Shia LaBeouf GIF, I’ll tell you exactly how it works.

The calculator functions by having Mario send Bob-ombs through a few different gates that either allow them through or stop them. This is based on simple logic checks. It’s simple, yet impressive.

This pretty awesome Mario computer goes one to show just why Super Mario Maker has been so successful on the Wii U. The game is essentially a big, amateur-friendly development tool that allows players to create 2D levels using items from the Mario universe.

Of course, folks like Trousers (who made this calculator) don’t just use it to create fun side-scroller levels to jump around. There’s plenty of additional stuff you can do with such utilities at your disposal.

If you want to try out this Super Mario Maker calculator for yourself, the course ID is 2DE4-0000-01B3-642B, and its create is called Trousers.