Pandemic’s Cancelled Batman Game Was a Train Wreck from the Start

Pandemic Studio was once working on a Batman game that was supposed to be a tie-in with 2008’s The Dark Knight film. The movie known for introducing the most sadistic Joker ever, he just liked “to watch the world burn.”

The tie in game was going to release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but its first prototype was created on PlayStation 2 in order to test the physics involved with Batman’s movements etc.

Developers were promised a better engine for to the game’s development, which later came in the form of Oden. The same tech was used to create Pandemics’ The Saboteur game. Before porting the assets to Oden, devs worked for a year in pre-production.

Unfortunately, they choose the wrong tech and Oden crashed and burned as soon as the first model of Batman was introduced. Things got even worse once they added NPCs. Originally, the game was suppose to be linear, but devs got ambitious and decided to go open world which also played a role.

Youtuber Didyouknowgaming released a very interesting and detailed video on what exactly happened with this cancelled Batman game. You should definitely check it out above.

You know how they say everything happens for a reason? Thankfully, soon after Batman was handed to WB and Rocksteady who created the best Batman experience to date.