Mirror’s Edge Catalyst to be More Responsive Than Any Other Game

Fans of Mirror’s Edge will know the fun of the parkour gameplay that actually worked. With the arrival of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the hope is that DICE will manage to not only recreate the feel of the original but to improve on it too.

While talking to Prankster 101 this is something that Erik Odeldahl, design director for the game discussed:

“We’ve rebuilt the movement system from the ground up. Our intention, and we’re delivering on, is to make a system that is way more responsive than any other game out there. It’s something that we’ve continuously worked on. We want the game to be as responsive, smooth, and as unrestrictive as possible. If it looks like you should be able to jump or go somewhere, get out of a move, you should be able to. It’s been a core philosophy for us to have it be as responsive and as smooth as possible. It’s the core of our game. If the movement doesn’t work then nothing else really matters.”

As Odeldahl is not the original director for the game, they also questioned if the original director who worked on the game will still have an influence:

“We still talk, and we discuss designs, like I did with lots of other people at DICE. DICE is a big company and people move about between teams all the time. Of course, yes. We talk and I listen. He’s got opinions. I’ve got opinions. We have other members from the original team on our team. We have a rich discussion at DICE about what the game is supposed to be. We absolutely talk.”

What will be important with Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is that it does not lose that magic that the first game managed to create. It was something special and that will be hard to replicate, from what we’ve seen though it looks like they are heading in the right direction.

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