Microsoft is Looking to Change Your Superbowl Experience With HoloLens

Sony, Valve, Samsung, Apple and even LG is looking at VR and gearing-up to make it the future. On the other hand, Microsoft chose to walk on a different path, the augmented reality path with HoloLens.

The company introduced HoloLens and offered us an experience unlike any other. Games and apps were suddenly floating around us, little characters were jumping on our dining table as we indulged in augmented reality. Microsoft is betting big on AR and even when HoloLens is no where close to becoming commercial anytime soon, promotions to get the world ready for it are already underway.

Microsoft is now the official partner of the Super Bowl. You will not only see couches using Surface Pro tabs on the field, but Microsoft is looking to completely change viewer experience using AR.

What is the future of Football? Here’s Microsoft’s vision for it.

Consider HoloLens a brand new type of Microsoft Windows PC. Sitting on your eyes it shows 3D images and 2D windows around you. The Super Bowl will never be the same if there is any truth to this video. Users will get the best seats right in their living room with wider view of the field, stat updates, and a very cool three-dimensional instant-replay app.

We may end up seeing empty seats at the stadium. However, we have to ask, how true is this video. How much of all this will actually be possible with the final retail version of HoloLens. There are issues with small FOV and it looks like Microsoft will release it as is.