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League of Legends: Questions Raised on Latin America Cup’s Integrity, Blamed for Favoritism

Riot Games’ Latin American North Cup kicked off yesterday and being the first professional tournament of this scale for the region it has been in the highlight among the eSports community at large. However, League of Legends enthusiasts have spotted possible irregularities and even favoritism in the competition!

While the irregularities were basically related to the livestreams going down or due to a number of interruptions that were caused by pauses, it is understandable that such isssues can take place and are, therefore, not much of a concern right now.

What is of concern here, however, is how at least one of the teams was treated. One of the matches played was between Lyon Gaming and Galactic Gamers during which the first game was clearly won by Lyon and had no considerable issues or interruptions. The second game, however, was won by Galactic and they were even awarded a point; but to everyone’s surprise the point was taken away only moments later.

It was then announced by the not so specialized casters that the game was to be redone because Lyon faced lag. The problem here is that this was a live event and both the teams were supposed to be facing the same amount of lag – if any.

More than that, the problems that Lyon complained about after losing the second game were also there in the first one as Galactic says “the problems were general, and affected both teams since the first game,” and they go on:

Our team didn’t make any complaints after the first game, since we knew (And know) that the conditions were the same for both teams. We were surprised and disappointed when the Lyon Gaming staff decided to file a complaint after the second game since conditions were the same for both teams.

All this was in addition to unbearable pauses and interruptions in the second game (not the first one) that had got most of the viewers and even the casters confused.

Those of the League of Legends community members who have watched the whole ordeal will also agree that the champ select of Galactic Gamers did play an important role in their win in the second game of their Latin American North Cup match. And guess what, when the rematch started, Easy’s Corki and Oddie’s Elise were banned at the first instance (the champions that Galactic played in the second game).

What do you make of all this? Is it mismanagement on part of the League of Legends Copa Latinoamérica Norte organizers or clear favoritism?