Destiny ‘Definitely Not Done With New Content’ in the Future, Says Bungie

Destiny was certainly buoyed in an upward direction with the release of its massive The Taken King DLC last year, but questions about its future still remain.

Bungie for now has been intent on focusing on the matchmaking aspects of the game and moving towards a connection-based model for Crucible. When it comes to PvE however, the developers have been oddly silent.

It’s not that Bungie doesn’t have any plans to release additional content for Destiny though. According to a response on the official forums by community manager Cozmo, the firm isn’t done adding new content to the game yet.

“No, we are definitely not done adding content. I don’t have any specifics on what or when the next Content update will be – but we are definitely not done updating Destiny.”

It’s still unclear what exactly the community manager means when using the word ‘updating’ – hopefully implies larger content than regular updates and patches we see in almost every multiplayer game.

After all, it is the lack of specifics that seem to be aggravating fans of the game.

A poll conducted by Bungie asking players who have not played the game for a while has certainly indicated the developers are getting rather worried about the game’s longevity. The jumpiness by the firm is obviously a positive sign, though only if it leads to some fresh, exciting content that can rival The Taken King.