Dark Souls 3 New Gameplay Footage Shows Dexterity Weapon, New Environment, and More

Dark Souls 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2016, and some kind of news about it seems to be emerging every week.

A few days ago we found details about the beginning of Dark Souls 3, along with new screenshots and concept art.

Today, there’s a new video footage that shows off a new area in the game, as well as new armor and weapon. The video has been provided by PGMadeira who managed to record it from today’s livestream.

Instead of the more accustomed full-metal armor and sword, we get to see the player wearing tattered light armor and wielding a blade.

It certainly looks a lot like last year’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, albeit with a fantasy touch and typical Dark Souls styled mechanics.

The small blade is obviously a Dexterity weapon, with a Weapon Art that lets you side-step quickly instead of rolling, much like Bloodborne. The blade itself is quite fast, and the light armor certainly seems help the player move around with incredible speed – something you shouldn’t expect when wearing heavier armor and/or wielding heavier weapons.

The setting is also praise-worthy. While it initially looks a lot like the dreaded Forbidden Woods from Bloodborne, as the player explores it more, it becomes evident it’s a much more fantasy-based environment than one inspired by Lovecraftian horror.

The commentary is in Japanese, so those who speak the language should consider them lucky.

Dark Souls 3 arrives on April 12 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.