Battleborn Reveal Two New Characters: Attikus and Galilea

One of the interesting things about Battleborn is the number of characters that are available in the game. With 18 out of 25 already revealed, today two others have made their debut and shown what abilities they will be bringing to the game.

The two new heroes revealed on the PlayStation Blog are Attikus and Galilea. These two new additions to the roster are tank like hulks who bring brute force to the game.

Here is the description for Attikus, whose trailer you can see above:

“Slave. Laborer. Greatest warrior among the Jennerit underclass — the Thralls. All his life, Attikus has been told what to do, shoved into the deepest mines of Tempest, and kept down. Thanks to an experimental biotech harness, this already-imposing brute was given the one thing the Jennerit didn’t expect: intelligence.

The only thing more dangerous than a huge, imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors… is a smart imposing beast with an axe to grind against his oppressors.”

Here are the details for Galilea, The Wraith of Bliss:

“A sacred order within the Eldrid, the Arbiters of Being were charged with undermining the Jennerit Empire’s technology, and Galilea was its most promising warrior. Entrusting her with a long undercover mission, Galilea was embedded within the Jennerit and worked her way through the recruits of the Silent Sisters.

During an attempt to sabotage their Sustainment technology, Ambra discovered and attacked Galilea, mortally wounding her. Once a close friend, Ambra attempted to use Sustainment to save Galilea’s life but it was only partially successful. Now unstable, immortal, and reeking of life-draining dark energy, Galilea is at war with herself and her new powers as she hopes to find a new purpose among the Peacekeepers.”

You can read more about their abilities and what they bring to the battle on the PlayStation Blog.

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