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Ark Survival Evolved: One-Third Features Still Not There, PS4 Version Discussed

Ark Survival Evolved is already doing amazing with the early access and the community is tied in pretty well. Yet, the developers of the game say that they have only managed to add two-thirds of the planned features to the game.

The co-founder and creative director of Studio Wildcard, Jesse Rapczak, says that the game was launched into the early access a lot earlier than the usual and that there still are some “solid months” to go before they actually reach the stage where polishing and optimizations are the key concern.

He was attending to concerns that the community has about bugs and other issues that the game has, primarily the framerate issues that they tried to fix recently with a patch. On that topic he also referred to the number of features that still need to be added:

We still have a bunch of dino content to add, and also an end-game with bosses. If you just look at the games development objectively stepping back, that’s like a third of the features that aren’t even in the game yet.

Ark Survival Evolved is certainly an open-ended game right now and some story blocks leading to an endgame are definitely missing. For that they have “kind of a backstory the players can discover that we’re putting into the game, next month with Ruins and Explorer Notes all around the island.”

Moving on to the PS4 version of the game, Rapczak says that the game could have been out as it is on Xbox One if Sony had allowed for a system of early access but now it will have to be a finished product.

This, in his opinion, is also interesting because as a result the PS4 users will “benefit greatly from the Xbox early access” – a truly rare instance.

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