Xbox One Has “Set Some Incredible Records,” Says Microsoft Executive

While some people would say that there are dozens of things that PS4 fans would confess once they buy an Xbox One, others disregard this saying that Microsoft has nothing on Sony when it comes to console wars – both opinions being the twwo extremes.

However, Aaron Greenberg the Xbox marketing executive at Microsoft believes that despite not being able to sell even half consoles than PS4, they have “set some incredible records” with the current generation console.

He says that they delivered one of the best lineups in the industry which was cardinal to the levels of success that they have attained. They were 66 percent better than last year in terms of game sales, too. About records, he says:

I feel like we delivered one of the best lineups in the industry and we talked about it. We all believe it was one of the greatest games lineups in Xbox history, and to be able to have all those 80 plus MetaCritic titles, to have those titles are largely all come out on time and with high-quality, to see fans reactions [was great]. We set some incredible records.

Also, Greenberg is the same guy who has a very mature take on the PS4 vs Xbox One (community based) squabble. A couple of days ago he said that they admire Sony and that “we play and compete, but after the game we shake hands.

Well, I am not really sure if anything he mentioned can really be regarded as a record, you could call it a good spell, but nothing more. What do you think?