Xbox Boss Comments on Thinking Outside of the Console Wars and Into The Future

We all have our choices of console that we have chosen to play. In the so-called “console war” while it seems PlayStation 4 may be the winner, that does not mean that the Xbox One is dead, far from it.

In a conversation with IGN Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg shared some interesting details about how Xbox One has changed during this generation of gaming and how now it is not about winning the console war:

“It’s the same challenge we have in gaming, like okay, so in a mobile first, cloud first world, in a world where we want as many people to play our games, to be connected to our service, how do we expand our aspirations even beyond just being about only trying to win the console wars? Who knows how that all plays out, but I think it presents a lot of opportunity for us. We’re nowhere near done in our vision, how we want to drive our business and impact the games industry,”

Looking at the way that Xbox has changed with Xbox One, and Windows 10 this expansion in gaming can be seen. It is nice to see the company are so positive about the future:

“Microsoft today is very different from Microsoft I grew up with. With Satya [Nadella]’s vision and how he’s changed the culture in the company, how he’s changed us to be a very mobile first, cloud first company [has been great]…It’s about putting the customer first. If they love your product and want to us your products no matter where they are, no matter what device they’re on, almost always if you focus and make your decisions based on [customers], you’re going to make the right decision”

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