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Warner Bros. to Announce Game Today for Two Most Popular Brands

Game confirmed by Microsoft through Xbox Store; screenshots, first details including Blaster Battles and Multi-Builds shared alongside release date.

Strong evidence from an Amazon listing suggests the announcement will be for LEGO Star Wars Episode 7.

Well, there are a number of IPs that Warner Bros. have rights for or would work to release a game in, and it looks like we are about to get one of those.

A couple of hours ago it has been revealed that they are working on a new game involving “two of the world’s most popular entertainment brands.”

An email has been sent out by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s PR team where, without giving away anything specific they have teased about a new game reveal.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is making a massive announcement tomorrow, Feb. 2 at 6a.m. PST that includes two of the world’s most popular entertainment brands. We can’t share any more details until then due to the sensitivity of the announcement, but keep an eye on your email inbox for the press release as this is one piece of news you and your readers won’t want to miss.

So far we are not sure what this is going to be about, we could see a Superman vs Batman game as they are really hard at work on the movie – there also is Suicide Squad which has been in the highlight for a while.

On the other hand, we might even see Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens game because EA decided not to touch that content in Star Wars Battlefront.

Anyhow, the announcement will come from Warner Bros. in about eight and a half hours from now. We will definitely fill you in on it so watch out for it here!