Unravel’s Yarny Participates in the Most Adorable Q&A Ever

Unravel is closing in on release but there is still not much we know about Yarny, the lead star of the game. So being the good guy that he is, he offered his fans a chance to know him a little better. Yarny held the most adorable Q&A session on Twitter.

The little guy answered fan questions without even saying a word, want to know how that’s done? Check out his tweets.

Well, that was a brief insight into the life of Yarny. He is without a doubt the most adorable character of recent times. Yarny’s game Unravel will release on February 9 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

If you wish to create your own Yarny here is a guide written by the devs. Just keep in mind that your Yarny may never get to be as popular but you’ll love him regardless.

We recently spoke with the devs of Unravel and got to know more about the inspiration behind it. We also spoke about the technology transition to new-gen hardware.

Previously, we haven’t really been in the position to push any tech boundaries, it was always more about just ‘getting it done’. This time around, we’ve been able to make exactly the game we wanted to make, pulling out all the stops tech-wise.

You can read the entire interview by following the link above.