The Division Uses Dynamic Resolution Scaling on Xbox One

The Division Closed Beta Test may be over, but that doesn’t stop the evaluating of what it brought to us. Looking at the graphics quality of the Xbox One version has shown some interesting results for gamers.

In the video above Digital Foundry have been looking at the resolution and examining why there is a slight blurring to the graphics quality in some areas of the game. It turns out that this is down to the use of dynamic resolutions to keep the frame rate at a desired speed.

So what does the resolution go down to when the screen gets busy? This was what was found:

“So what exactly is the resolution? Well, the short answer is, it varies depending on the rendering scenario. In the opening shot, Xbox One drops to 1792×1008 as we look at the recovery camp ahead, as especially noticeable on a rooftop structure to its right side. This is still much higher than the 900p output we see in other titles, and it ultimately sits around 87 per cent of a full HD image overall. In other words, it isn’t always a vast difference, but it’s notable in explaining why we see certain details losing some definition.”

The video goes into much more detail as to what this achieves and why it is done, but for the most part it is to keep the game at a reasonable enough quality. For some Xbox One gamers they won’t be happy with this news, but others won’t really notice. What we do have to remember though that this is still the Beta version of the game, and there may be some improvements.

Having played the Beta on the PlayStation 4 I found I was happy with the graphics quality and saw no real problems during gameplay. If anything I wanted more action, and more story missions to try out. This will probably come when I get a hold of the full version of the game. What I found myself doing was taking selfie shots next to interesting graffiti in the game:


What are your thoughts on The Division’s performance on the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments section below.