Nintendo is “Looking at” a VR Solution as Well!

With Sony prepping up the PlayStation VR, Steam owners Valve Corporation teaming with HTC for HTC Vive and Microsoft boasting of a strong standalone augmented reality solution with the HoloLens, only one name was left out, good old Nintendo.

However, it looks like the company is finally learning that alongside being trendsetters, it is sometimes necessary for them to follow others – in special circumstances of course.

The company is holding their earnings brief in Osaka today which started about three hours ago. While they revealed a number of historical stats and details (relating to what they have managed to achieve in the financial period), they also touched on things that should be expected from them in the future.

Undoubtedly, the biggest news from there is that Nintendo is also “looking at” virtual reality!

Although that is all they have told the audience about the painfully exciting news, we know what this means. The company would not have brought it up in the earnings call if they were not seriously considering to release a VR solution of their own.

What we can figure out from this is that Nintendo might have tasked a few personnel with creating the feasibilities and possible solutions, and now that they were at least positive that they are in the practical position to take this on, they have told the shareholders what to expect in the coming year or so.

A Nintendo based VR solution is going to be even more interesting for us because of the company’s history. They tend to do everything their own way and we are 100 percent sure that their virtual reality product – if and when it comes out – will be a fine example of that too.

Could it be that the NX has some special capabilities integrated into it for VR?