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Nintendo Hint at a Second Mobile Game in Production Featuring a Famous Character

Nintendo’s move into the mobile gaming world hasn’t been the most earth shattering introduction for the gaming giant. If it is to be a success it may need Mario to help it make some kind of impact.

On the Wall Street Journal website there is an interesting article which takes a look at the impact of Nintendo’s move into mobile gaming, or lack of it. What is more newsworthy though is the fact that after Miitomo game’s release, there is another planned:

“In October, Nintendo pushed back the launch date of its first mobile game to March this year, from the end of 2015. That game, named Miitomo, which looks more like a chat app than a hard-core game, won’t include any of the characters that made the company famous. The company said its second title on smartphone will feature familiar characters from Nintendo’s games, but has given no timeline.”

While we have no release date or even details about the game, the fact that it will feature familiar characters does raise some signs of hope fans of Nintendo. Will this finally be the move to move Mario onto mobile devices?  As this is obviously what fans are waiting to see, the move will have to come sooner or later.

We’ll have to keep an eye on what Nintendo reveal as we move into 2016, and see if they give any hints as to what their plans are. The fact is though the more they hold off bringing their big stars to mobile gaming, the less interest gamers will have.

Nintendo needs something to make their presence in the phone and tablet games market felt, and they have the characters to do it. Now they just have to take that step and use them.

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