Messi Space Scooter Game Takes the Football Star Off The Pitch

When a big football star like Lionel gets his own game, you would expect it to have something to do with football. Well he now has his own game, and it looks like football has little to do with Messi Space Scooter Game.

The game, which is available on iOS and Android devices puts the FIFA World Player Award winning football star on a scooter, fighting aliens to save the world. Looking at the description for the game, it is obviously yet another free runner:

“Messi jumps over rocks, bridges and other obstacles, makes somersaults, stoops to drive through tunnels and is dodging rockets and monsters. Of course he is allowed to shoot balls to get a free passage. Along the way he collects coins and other things that gain points, with which players can win prizes.”

Luckily for fans of football there are a few times his skilful feet will come into play and he actually kicks a ball. This will be to open new roads for his scooter and let the player continue with the game.

For those wondering why Messi has anything to do with scooters at all, it is in fact part of a three-year contract with Dutch Space Scooter, in a bid to get children to do more exercise:

“In 2014 Messi signed a three-year contract with Dutch Space Scooter. Not to play football, but to help design and promote his own special edition of the cool scooter under Messi brand. Searching for a celebrity who could connect the themes children, outdoor play and exercise with each other, Space Scooter thought of Messi.”

While most fans of Messi are looking to see who will replace him on the cover of the FIFA games, they probably didn’t expect a scooter game instead. As a way of cashing in on his personality though, this was probably an inevitable move, and one which many other stars have made.

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