Layers of Fear Supports 30Fps and 1080p on Consoles

PlayStation 4 version of Layers of Fear is going to support 30 frames per second on 1080p. Fans would have prefered 60Fps but current-gen consoles aren’t really cut-out for this number. However, I believe in this case hardware power is not the issue, as Layers of Fear doesn’t seem like a very demanding game.

Layers of Fear is also not using the 7th unlocked core of the system, which may have helped it push things a little. Xbox One users will be getting the same frame-rate and resolution as PS4. Devs wanted to maintain the movie-like experience for both versions.

“As with Xbox One the framerate has been locked to 30fps to maintain the movie-like feeling and the pacing of the game. Of course the game runs in 1080p resolution.”

Layers of Fear is a brilliantly designed psychological horror game so if you are a fan of this genre, Layers of Fear is highly recommended.

Layers of Fear was recently dated on PS4. Devs announced that it will release on February 16.

Layers of Fear looks inspired from Konami’s cancelled Silent Hills game. The project was scrapped due to Konami’s lack of confidence in the AAA console market, and changing direction. This also seems to the reason why Hideo Kojima left Konami.

Silent Hills’ cancellation was not only a disappointment for fans, but creators of Layers of Fear felt the same. Rafał Basaj from Bloober Team said that Silent Hills could have been groundbreaking.

Source: GamingBolt