Guy Speedruns The Witness, Beats Game in 25 Minutes

Okay this is something pretty impressive. The Witness can be a pretty complicated game at times, especially when you are in the later part of the game where trying to complete those puzzles takes a lot of time as is.

However, the player in the video embedded above did a speedrun of the game and managed to beat it in 25 minutes!

Now we are not saying that he completed 100 percent of the puzzles – those are not needed to end The Witness – but he did what was essential. Some of the more complicated and popular ones, the giant castle floor puzzles were also skipped.

Any how, kudos to him for the skill and memory.

Oh and by the way, if you are looking for some help with the game, check out our Hidden Puzzles Solutions Guide, Obelisk Puzzles Locations Guide, and the Audio Logs Locations Guide.