Alan Wake 2 Taking Long Because Devs Wanted Right Concept, Funding and Partners

We know that Remedy Entertainment has not given up on Alan Wake 2, it is just taking too long desipte being confirmed by the officials. What then is keeping us from the game that inspired a number of aspects of the Quantum Break story?

Let’s see what Sam Lake, the creative director at Remedy Entertainment has to say about that. While talking to the attendees of masterclass lecture at Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris, Lake revealed that the developers had actually tried making it right after the first game was released.

However, they first had to have the right mix of things that would let them give us the perfect Alan Wake 2:

We tried to create Alan Wake 2 right after Alan Wake, and obviously you need the right partner. You need the right funding. You need the right concept.

Alan Wake, in some ways, for Remedy is really valuable. It’s our own IP. We own Alan Wake. So maybe there’s also a bit of extra carefulness in making sure that all the elements are right for the success of a sequel. And it just didn’t seem like we were getting it started in the right way.

Experiments, prototypes and demos were done based on what they had created and not used in the original game – that was also where the ideas were taken for Quantum Break – but due to that extra level of care towards the Alan Wake IP the developers figured that it “wouldn’t work, in the way [they] wanted it, at that time, to work.”

However, this has had a positive impact on Alan Wake 2; Lake says that the long time has allowed them to come up with “much better ideas” than what they would have gone with if the sequel had been made back then.

Looking at it this way, I am glad the game has taken so long.

Thanks, DualShockers.