The Elder Scrolls Online Servers Hit with Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Online games are fun; the way they can bring people together to enjoy a shared experience. Then things get ruined by a DDOS attack, which appears to have happened to The Elder Scrolls Online today.

The attack on the games servers was announced by the official Elder Scrolls Twitter account today. As this was an attack on the European megaservers this will have impacted players in that region:

Thankfully, about an hour later the same account reported that the service had been restored and people could once again start playing the game:

Denial of service attacks like this are something that many online games and other services have to deal with often on the Internet, with companies searching for the best ways to deal with them. The aim of the attack is to overflow the servers and cause them to either have an impact on performance, or bring them down completely. As we see here it seems that performance was hit.

Thankfully for players it appears that this problem didn’t last too long and service was brought back to normal soon after the attack. For Bethesda, they’ll no doubt have to work on finding a way to block such attacks and prevent any future problems.

Did these problems get in the way of you playing Elder Scrolls Online? Let us know your thoughts on the attack in the comments section below.