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The Division Beta Has Been Extended Until Tomorrow!

Although access to The Division beta testing phase had to be restricted for as many as 44 countries including the UK (due to obvious unprecedented level of interest) Ubisoft still wants to give the fans included in the testing a good long chance to get their impressions of the game.
In light of that, the closing date of the testing phase has been extended until tomorrow!

The community manager of the development studio announced a couple of hours ago that because they have started taking in more players earlier today, they are also extending The Division beta duration until Tuesday, February 2nd, 12pm CET (6 am EST, 3 am PST).

Over the last few days, we’ve seen an incredible amount of excitement for the game, leading to many of you registering on the waitlist for a chance to join our Closed Beta. We’ve been working very hard to let as many players as possible join, while still maintaining a smooth experience for everyone.

Earlier today, we announced that we were now inviting as many players as possible from the waitlist, in addition to those who had guaranteed pre-order access. We’ve started sending invites, with priority given to those who signed up first.

So yes, you have another day to hit the Dark Zone boys!

Still figuring out how to play The Division beta? Here’s a detailed post with video assistance that will help, or you could check out one of our two guides dedicated to the beta, likely the one that helps you with the DZ Rank, chests and keys or figure out how to expand your wardrobe without leaving the starting area.