PS4 Jailbreak Dongle Coming in a Few Weeks?

In the past we have reported on at least two instances where known hackers or hacker groups have shown potential of a PS4 jailbreak, one of which involved CTurt actually confirming that the jailbreak was now official. However, no one decided to go commercial with the hacks, until a rather lesser known group “H3ck34” claimed recently that they are going to release a fully functional dongle for a price tag.

While the identity of these guys is not confirmed, it is probable that they are linked with the Cobra team that released many PS3 hardware mods – at least some of them could even be the same people.

That being said, their rather shy Twitter profile has been sending out announcements that a dongle and cfw will be launched on February 20 and March 20 respectively.

Although it is highly probable that the Cobra team could be at works on a PS4 jailbreak and that these guys could actually be legitimate, there is no way of confirming that except for waiting until February 20.

On the other hand, if you rely on the word of the communities right now, the dongle and CFW rumors could be regarded true, but even that is not a final confirmation.

Is it possible that someone has completely managed to hack the console and built a product to sell commercially? Well of course, because as we mentioned above, back in December CTurt confirmed that he “just broke WebKit process out of a FreeBSD jail (cred->cr_prison = &prison0). Guess you could say the PS4 is now officially jailbroken.”

There also was fail0verflow’s video demonstration that tried to show Linux running Pokemon on a PS4.

We’ll follow up on the alleged PS4 jailbreak after February 20, but until then take all this with a grain of salt.