Lawbreakers Designer on FPS Singeplayer Campaign: “It Costs 75% of the Budget”

First-person games are going more towards online-focused multiplayer, and featuring less and less of singleplayer campaigns and story.

The designer of upcoming free-to-play first-person multiplayer shooter Lawbreakers Cliff Bleszinski tells us why. In an interview with PC Gamer during the PAX South, the developer shared his thoughts on the matter of lack of singleplayer campaigns in the shooter genre.

According to Cliff Bleszinski, the reason is fairly simple: it costs the most money. Bleszinski suggests that a singleplayer campaign can cost up to 75% of the entire game’s budget.

“They usually cost 75% of the budget. And you burn through the campaign in a weekend, and then [players] go to multiplayer.”

The Lawbreaker lead designer suggested that most first-person shooter singeplayer campaigns either follow the Call of Duty inspired scripted 2-day experiences, or massive open-worlds like Fallout 4.

It seems like Bleszinski hasn’t played the likes of Half-Life, Doom, Deus Ex, and other famous FPS that made their name solely through immersive singleplayer campaigns.

Bleszinski also discussed a bit about Lawbreakers, and how their relatively small team was learning as the game’s development progresses.

Following the presentation of the sci-fi shooter at PAX Prime, Bleszinski suggests the newer multiplayer maps are ‘so much better’ than the ones demoed during that event because of how the dev team has learned to work together, and also use technical development tools more in a more advanced manner.

You can watch the full interview in the video above.

Lawbreakers is expected to be released sometime this year exclusively for PC.