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Hot Damn! Rise of the Tomb Raider Only Costs $9.12 in Ukraine!

The pricing of Rise of The Tomb Raider PC version has been in the spotlight before as well; some days ago it was revealed that the game’s day one price was listed lower than the price at which pre-orders were accepted – to the dismay of the pre-orderers, of course. However, the tons of screenshots shared by the developers, alongside the gameplay details have shown a very promising picture which is why the game is in pretty high demand.

Now that the PC version of the game is finally out, many of us are still looking to get a good deal, and if you happen to be purchasing the game from Ukraine you will probably get the best deal ever.

If you check out the Ukrainian variant of the Microsoft Store you will see the game listed for an astonishingly low price of 234 Hryvnia (the currency of Ukraine) which translates into merely $9.12!

This is not all, the game is being sold in India for a rate that converts to something around $13 as well!

Compared to the official price of the game – and the expected price of any AAA title – this is $51 less in the case of Ukraine and $47 less in the case of India!

For those of you who are interested in a workaround, you can actually change the location settings in your Windows 10 through the “region and language settings” options, choose either Ukraine or India and get a copy of the game for those prices no matter where you are.

However, when you have downloaded the game, refer to this guide for some workarounds and fixes relating to errors and bugs that Rise of the Tomb Raider PC version is known to have.