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Fallout 4 Is Shorter Than What it Was Supposed to Be; User Discovers Cut Content

Fallout 4 indeed features a massive open world with plenty to do, but I’ll be honest when I say the amount of sidequests and even main quests was a little underwhelming.

A large part of the Commonwealth feels rather underused, and if it weren’t for settlements, the experience could easily have been cut by half.

Apparently, the initial plan was to have a bit more content than what was released at launch. Earlier today, Reddit user KungFuMan316 reported that he had found a few interesting parts about the Vault and also an entire quest that was cut from the final release.

The user came to discover this by checking out some of the game’s audio files for Holt, Alexis, and Tina. Here’s what KungFuMan316 discovered:

Warning! Mild spoilers below. Avoid reading if you have yet to complete the game

-“Holt and the Overseer would have gotten sick, with her stepping down and Dr. Forsythe apparently taking over.

-The adultery quest would have had multiple options: Tell Alexis (convince her to keep him or kick him out), Confront Holt (convince him to keep up the affair, stay with his wife, stay with Tina, or leave both and come with you (which is probably where the guide got its wrong info from as this got cut))

-Holt really likes how enthusiastic Tina is! …Tina is blatantly using him to get Jet. No, really. That’s where Bobby was getting it. She’s very ho-hum about it.

-Neither Holt nor Tina have any dialogue for being “out in the world”, which is why they don’t say anything. I’m still digging through the files, as is Danse has a TON related to both Blind Betrayal and the survivor-becoming-Elder thing that don’t play in game (in fact I’m not finding evidence of the other characters regarding you as Elder, though I’ll keep digging). Anyway, thought you folks might find this bit neat.”

The last bit about Danse and the entire Brotherhood of Steel quest-line is certainly interesting, as many found the Faction quests of the game rather underwhelming.

It seems like users have only found a small portion of what could be even more omitted content in Fallout 4. We’ll let you know if anyone else finds something interesting that Bethesda decided to cut from the game.