The Division Beta: How to Expand Your Wardrobe Without Leaving the Starting Area

By   /   Jan 30, 2016
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Tom Clancy’s The Division Beta is currently going on in full swing until Jan. 31, 2016. Those of you who are playing The Division Beta may already know that every character steps out in the field with random assortment of clothing items – strictly cosmetic – such as jackets, hats, jeans, shirts, gloves, etc.

While you can acquire more clothes by helping deprived citizens and searching closets of abandoned apartments, there is a neat little trick of expanding your wardrobe without even leaving the starting area.

Each newly created character in the game spawns with random assortment of cosmetic items which in, The Division Beta, are unlocked on account-wide basis. So all you need to do is to create a bunch of characters, choose anyone of those, start the game, and customize your outfit from a vast selection of clothing items.

However, do note that the trick only works for cosmetic items and not for non-cosmetic items such as weapons, armor pieces, and mods. Each character begins with same weapons, mods, and armor pieces. To get these items, you need to eliminate enemies, open up stashes across the world, or buy them from different vendors inside the safe houses.

You will also be able to craft these items, but sadly the feature is not available in The Division Beta.

If you are looking for some help in understanding how the game’s PVP environment Dark Zone work or want some Survival Tips before the game officially launches, check out the links.

The Division is scheduled to arrive on Mar. 08, 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

Source: Keiichi81.

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