New Ghostbusters Game Coming Around July from Activision

By   /   Jan 30, 2016
ghostbusters vr experience

It has been about 32 years since we were introduced to Ghostbusters, and kids who once loved watching them have now grown up to be dads and moms who are looking at the upcoming movie reboot of the franchise to introduce it to their own kids. However, it looks like we might also get a full-sized game from Activision!

We know that the female-led (and better dressed) movie is going to be released in July this year; according to Mark Caplan, senior vice president for Sony’s Global Consumer Products, that is also going to be the time around which we will get the new game.

Caplan was recently interviewed by Retailer-Merchandiser Magazine where he discussed how Sony was breathing new life in the franchise by means of film, games, merchandise and so on, during which the plans of Activision have been discussed:

Ghostbusters is also returning to video games. Already, the “Ghostbusters” sets are on sale for Lego Dimensions, a toys-to-life game featuring the classic building blocks and a new full-fledged “Ghostbusters” video game from Activision will release alongside the movie on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Activision was supposed to release the game reboot back in 2009 but it ended up with Atari, Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Consumer Products as publishers. If the news at hand is to be believed, Activision might be picking up the franchise again.

While so far that is all we have, it is pretty exciting since many of us who are not millenials will love to have a full-fledged game taking us back to the series.

Thanks, RM Magazine.

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