Are the New Destiny Matchmaking Updates Satisfying You?

By   /   Jan 30, 2016
Destiny matchmaking

Back in November Bungie said that Destiny doesn’t have matchmaking because the conventional feature makes players disposable to you but now they have been introducing new matchmaking settings, and the developers are pretty sure that the community is also content with them – do tell us if you are not!

Any how, Lars Bakken the lead designer for the game at Bungie says that “it looks like reactions to our first salvo of Matchmaking updates have been pretty positive” based on what the early reports have told them.

It is a fact, and he agrees, that we are still in the early stages and that there are going to be issues that will need to be resolved. Bungie will keep looking into the feedback and try to push the Destiny Iron Banner updates to other playlists:

There are still issues for sure, but even after a few hours of data, we were noticing good things. That’s why I was ecstatic when the Matchmaking team said they thought they could do even more yesterday. The plan is to keep looking at data, listen to the community, keep you updated, and see how much more we can do to make the experience better. Of course, the end goal has always been to push this out to our other playlists so they can share in the love. We’ll do that when we feel like we have a good solution we’re happy with. More to come on that once we have a solid plan. Much love goes out to the internal Matchmaking team for working so tirelessly on this problem, as well as the Guardians who have played their own role in the process. Thanks all!

Issues with lag and certain imbalanced matches surely have reduced, but are we on the same page with our readers on that? Did you experience considerable improvements?

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