Xbox One Sold Around 19 Million Consoles Say Electronic Arts

By   /   Jan 29, 2016
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Electronic Art’s Blake Jorgensen may have revealed how many Xbox Ones have been sold, or at least its install base. This came from the company’s financial call, though Microsoft may not be happy with the reveal.

This reveal is based on a report on where they reveal that to date there are around 55 million current-gen consoles out there being used in the world. Based on the fact that Sony have revealed they have sold over 36 million, this leaves the Xbox One with around 19 million units in the homes right now.

This is interesting and revealing of how well PlayStation 4 is doing against the Xbox One, but also it may be privileged information that Microsoft didn’t really want us to know. If the values are correct it actually means that PlayStation 4 are winning by more than double. This won’t matter in the long run though as Microsoft appear to be happy with the progress of the console.

Based on Xbox sales though, the report does reveal something interesting:

“If the figures are correct, it certainly puts Microsoft at a significant disadvantage to Sony, but would also represent a tremendous state of health for the console business overall, putting the Xbox One well ahead of the sales curve for the 360 at this point in its life span.”

So it’s not all bad news for Xbox and its fans, in fact they are doing quite healthy and will continue so. The fact that Microsoft has gone a long way to redeeming the console in the eyes of the gamers is what is more important in the end.

Do you think Microsoft will be happy that these numbers were revealed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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