Xbox One Features May Have Originated from the Original Xbox Plans

By   /   Jan 29, 2016
Xbox One System Software Update

When looking at the current generation consoles it can be interesting to look back at its ancestors and see the original plans that may have been held off until this version. This is exactly what seems to have taken place with the Xbox One.

Based on a piece on the Now Gamer (via Examiner) it appears that plans for the original Xbox may have foretold of features that made their way onto the Xbox One instead. This is interesting, especially when this was 10 to 15 years ago.

This slice of Microsoft history is based on a memo that was said to feature notes from Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. This memo was said to include the concepts and ideas that would be used in the first Xbox (2001), Xbox 360 (2005) and even Xbox One (2013). As former Microsoft CTO J Allard revealed:

“When we approved the Xbox program in 1999, we had a very good sense for what we thought the first three generations would look like. The original Xbox was out of cycle relative to the competition and we knew that the second generation would need to follow quickly. In most ways, Xbox 360 was simply satisfying the vision that we had for a new game console that could disrupt the marketplace with something new for gamers and creators and hopefully usher in more participants in the category.

The original two-page memo written to Bill [Gates] and Steve [Ballmer] even had several concepts that became part of Xbox One spelled out. I know it lessens the romance of the story, but when billions are at risk and you’re designing ten-year platforms, there aren’t a lot of eureka moments or wild flashes of genius – you need to be mindful, planful and hold steady on the rudder,”

It would be interesting to know what these features were, and who came up with them. Though I doubt we’ll find out.

What are your thoughts on this piece of Microsoft history? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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