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Watch Street Fighter V Characters Fight in Alternate Costumes

By   /   Jan 29, 2016

Did you know that Capcom had launched a small beta testing phase of Street Fighter V silently a couple of days ago? Well, doesn’t matter if you didn’t because we have got the second best thing to actually being in the game i.e. watching the different characters play and that too in their alternative costumes!

A video has surfaced online thanks to a YouTube user where we get to see how Cammy looks in a dark skin tone, how Vega fights as a brunette, how much sexier Chun-Li gets in her red and black outfit and how much of a dictator M. Bison looked even in his earlier years.

Capcom is letting e-Capcom Japan buyers to get their hands on these alternative costumes for Street Fighter V characters alongside the game’s special limited edition packages.

Do you think these are worth importing?

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