Did Xbox One Sell a Million Consoles in This Month?

By   /   Jan 29, 2016
Sony supports cross platform

Even before the first year of the new generation’s life was over, Microsoft decided they will not be sharing any more console sales statistics with the community (for reasons some of us consider very obvious). This is why we have to rely on third parties including analysts to figure out how the Xbox One and PS4 are sailing.

About a month ago, we broke a story about a reliable estimate that was given by a known Microsoft analyst suggesting that about 18 million current gen consoles had been sold i.e. only half as much as PS4 has managed in the same perios of time.

Now, the chief financial officer of EA, Blake Jorgensen, has suggested that about 19 million Xbox One consoles have been sold during the earnings call for EA’s third quarter. While he is the same guy who rightly predicted in the past that both the consoles will cross the 50 million mark by the end of 2015, this time it looks like he is stretching it a bit too much.

The month of January has not had any major releases and suggesting that the sales still reached 19 million either means that the past estimate was wrong, or this one is. There is no way Microsoft has managed to sell a million consoles considering their comparatively less impressive state of sales.

Anyhow, Even if they have managed to sell a total of 19 million Xbox One consoles, they are about 47.22 percent behind Sony in terms of console sales, a figure they will have to cut down by a great margin if they want the tag of the most popular console of current generation.

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