New PS Vita Update is Causing Issues, Players Unable to Access PS Store

By   /   Jan 29, 2016
PlayStation Vita hack

PS Vita update 3.57 is causing some issues that are becoming highly annoying for users of this handheld. Gamers are reporting that something is wrong with the update as it doesn’t allow users to access the PlayStation Store.

But finally when you do get into the store, it crashes and shows multiple errors. Not only that, already purchased content isn’t being recognized by the device.

One user reports:

I have a Slim Vita and it was working fine last week then I ended up updating it around the end of the flash sale in order to download the games that I had purchased via my PC. I was not only unable to to access the PSN store to download my games but I’m also now have an issue where my Vita won’t go to “sleep mode” I can tell this because the green light is on and my batter keeps draining even though I have not been using my Vita.

Sony is yet to recognize this problem but enough people are facing this issue, so expect a response soon. For now, there doesn’t seem to be any credible workaround, if I see anything I’ll let you know.

There are many users raising their concerns over at the PlayStation Blog, if you wish to, you can share your issues there and see if Sony shares a comment.

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