CSGO Community Servers with Custom Models/ Weapon Skins Banned by Valve

By   /   Jan 29, 2016
CSGO update june 9

In the recent weeks Valve has been cracking down on the CSGO community of disallowed practices. For instance, match fixers were permanenrtly banned in bulk earlier this month. Now, community servers that provided the players with custom models as well as weapon skins have been banned by Valve Corporation.

The developers have forewarned the operators about actions that could be taken against them for certain practices that are disallowed by the officials – mostly relating to services that directly interfere with the in-game economy.

According to them, the problem is that by offering things like “false inventories and/or profiles as a free or paid service via mods on their servers,” the operators are also creating a “confusing experience” for the community in general; as a result, Valve says:

We are asking server operators to remove any mods and plugins that falsify the contents of a player’s profile or inventory.

So yeah, having those custom weapon skins or custom models on a server is definitely going to get a blow from the ban hammer. Unless, of course, the operators decide to disable those plugins.

Just for future reference, these are the features and services that Valve Corporation strictly prohibits the CSGO Community Servers from providing:

  • Allowing players to claim temporary ownership of CS:GO items that are not in their inventory (Weapon skins, knives, etc.).
  • Providing a falsified competitive skill group and/or profile rank status or scoreboard coin (e.g., Operation Challenge Coins).
  • Interfering with systems that allow players to correctly access their own CS:GO inventories, items, or profile.

Valve says that they will be willing to explain these rules to anyone who is confused as to what content falls under these categories, but they have also provided a FAQs section on the official blog of CSGO, should you find the need to ask some basic questions.

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