This is How EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team Mode Works

By   /   Jan 28, 2016
EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team Mode

We have had the mode in a number of other EA Sports titles, but EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team was somewhat an unexpected announcement, for obvious reasons i.e. how would it work since the game does not work in teams.

Anyhow, Electronic Arts has spent a considerable amount of time making a video that will explain to you the workings of the infamous mode.

So first off, you get to do four things i.e. create, compete, collect and customize:

  • CREATE your team of up to five fighters using the deep customization options.
  • COMPETE online or offline to climb your way up the ranks and leaderboard.
  • COLLECT coins from fights and use them to open Fight Packs.
  • CUSTOMIZE and personalize your fighters using items from Fight Packs.

Progression relies on items and fight cards. Upgrade Items can get you new Attributes, Perks, Moves or Special Edition Items. Then you have the Boost Items which get you training or fitness boosts.

Do keep in mind that every item has five levels that you can unlock to give you even more returns for each of them. Items are further divided into universal ones and weight class based ones. While the latter are tied to a given class, the universal ones can be used on any created fighter you have in EA Sports UFC 2 Ultimate Team mode.

Now that we have got that out of the way, let’s look at the different ways you can fight in this mode. Firstly, there will be the usual daily objectives (like landing 100 strikes in a heavyweight fight). Then there will be Ultimate Championships where you start from Division 1 and go up the ladder to be the champion.

There also are single player championships that give you almost everything that Ultimate Championships do, but without online competition.

Watch this video for more.

EA Sports UFC 2 releases on March 15.

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