The Division Beta Has No NDA, Share All You Want!

By   /   Jan 27, 2016
The Division weapons

Although Ubisoft has had to delay the game more than once, as well as the beta once, it now looks like they are pretty confident that when it launches, The Division Beta is going to be stable enough (and good enough) to be shown off everywhere.

This is because the developers have revealed they are not putting the content under the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) lock. Anyone who wants to share something he or she managed to capture in video, can do so at any time. This also means that people like us are going to be able to share with you gameplay details, issues as well as expressions from the beta.

Ubisoft took to the official website of the game to let us know.

However, there is a problem too. This tweet was made right after the developers informed content producers that they might have some issues while trying to capture game content during the beta phase. While this has nothing to do with what the developers want or don’t want us to share, the problem is rooted in the state of the game’s development right now.

The link that they have provided displays a list of “known issues” that The Division beta is going to have. It is a good post to keep a check on in case you are planning on catching one of those new beta keys that they are sending out.

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