Homefront: The Revolution Closed Beta Codes Being Sent Out Now

By   /   Jan 27, 2016
Homefront: The Revolution PS4 Pro update

If you’ve signed up to get access to the Homefront: The Revolution closed beta it looks like you’ll know if you got in soon. They appear to be sending the codes out now to give players access.

This was revealed on Reddit which linked to an IMGUR post, which you can see below:


As you can see in the image this gives Xbox One access to the Closed Beta, giving access to the Resistance Mode. This is for not only gameplay testing for balancing and finding any bugs, but also stress testing.

Based on the image above the Stress Test, when they will ask as many people to log in as possible will take place on Friday January 29. The Stress Test windows will be between 1PM and 4PM EST, and between 8PM and 11PM EST. This will allow the developers to test the game servers and see how they deal with gameplay on the network when it reaches its peak.

For details on the Beta, visit the official site here. This is where you can read the details of the beta and what you have to do to get access. On the site they reveal that the Resistance Mode includes:

“Take your friends online in a range of diverse Missions where you and your fellow freedom fighters battle the KPA in the ways best suited to urban guerrilla warfare. Unlock gear and weapons to tackle your favorite Missions under the hardest of circumstances.”

It will be interesting to see what is revealed from the Closed Beta. As the image below makes no mention of an NDA, maybe players will be free to share their gameplay. Unless of course the NDA information was shared in a part of the email not shown here.

Have you gained access to the Closed Beta for Homefront: The Revolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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