Halo 5 Gets Halo 2 Battle Rifle, New Maps Today with Infinity’s Armory

By   /   Jan 27, 2016
Halo 5 Update

For those who do not know, Infinity’s Armory, the first Halo 5 update that is being released this year, is named after the infamous UNSC Infinity vessel. But that should be of the least importance to you because the update is going live today for free.

When that happens anytime now, you are going to get some of the most interesting REQs ranging from weapons to armor and emblems, and much more.

Other than that, you get the new Arena map Riptide, the new Warzone Assault map Urban as well as the Halo 2 Battle Rifle what will make it feel like it is 2004 all over again – apart from a horde of gameplay changes and improvements that the Halo 5 update brings.

Players can battle it out on two new battlegrounds, with the winding routes of steel and sand on Riptide for Arena and dynamic battles and open sightlines enabled by Urban for Warzone Assault.

The Halo 2 Battle Rifle also makes its return to Halo 5: Guardians as a Mythic loadout weapon REQ to deploy in Warzone, and is also selectively available in Arena. Additionally, Infinity’s Amory adds new uncommon and rare variants of the Carbine and the new ACHILLES armor set.

All these new additions fall in line with 343 Industries’continued efforts to keep the game vibrant. Only a couple of weeks ago an update had added a number of new maps to the game alongside new game variants that can be saved.

However, if the new Halo 5 update is all that you are interested in, this post from a few days ago has all the details you need to know about the changes made as well as the new content.

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