Rocket League Season 2 Confirmed For February, Changes How Ratings Work & More!

By   /   Jan 26, 2016
Rocket League cross platform play

Rocket League was perhaps one of the biggest surprise packages of 2015. Nobody expected the game to have so much success, but its highly addictive gameplay and the wonderful additions from the devs has ensured that it not only survives as a title, but thrives as well.

Developer Psyonix has been fairly proactive in keeping fresh content coming for the sports game, and have confirmed a February release date for Season Two. They’ve also revealed a ton of new details of what Rocket League players should be expecting with the arrival of the second season.

The biggest change will be seen in the Rank Points. Currently, Rank Points were awarded for singe wins and losses, yet seemed to have no real correlation to your Skill Rating and overall play. For this reason, they’ll be kicked out. Now, Skill Ratings will exclusively determine your place in the online divisions.

These divisions will all be new. Your first ten games will be unranked; from which you’ll be placed between Prospect I at the bottom and Champion all the way at the top.

Skill data will be carried over from Season 1, but all players will still need to play ten placement matches once the second season is underway. The results of the ten matches plus the season one data will determine your division for the second season.

The way promotion and relegation is handled has also changed. Once your Skill Rating is in line with the average of those of the division above (or below), the game will promote/relegate you accordingly.

There are lots of other additions and changes as well, which you can read the full notes of right here.

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