Michael Jackson Was Indeed Involved in Sonic 3, Confirmed After 23 Years!

By   /   Jan 26, 2016
Sonic 3

It’s been a very, very long time since SEGA title Sonic 3 was released.

Ever since then, there have been strong rumors linking the late Pop legend Michael Jackson to some of the soundtracks in the game. Tracks like Carnival Night Zone have uncanny resemblance to Jackson’s songs (Jam comes to mind), as well as the end credits theme sounding eerily similar to Strange in Moscow.

It’s been nearly 23 years since the game’s release, and Huffington Post believes they’ve discovered the truth behind the speculation that Michael Jackson was involved in the development of said tracks.

According to the lengthy feature article, despite SEGA having officially denied any involved of the popstar, three credited composers of the game – Brad Buxer, Bobby Brooks, and Doug Grigsby III – all say that Jackson worked closely with the team to compose the soundtracks.

There are two reasons as to why the ‘King of Pop’ wasn’t credited for the work. The first is that the team who originally wrote the music did so as high-profile tracks. In order to fit these tracks on your typical Nintendo cartridge, they needed to be compressed. Jackson was reportedly unhappy with the way the tracks sounded once they had been processed in the game.

The second reason is the more infamous one. At the time of the game’s release, Jackson was accused to molesting a 13-year-old child. The long-lasting controversy associated with those accusations and Jackson’s smeared reputation forced SEGA to scrap the music and recompose, according to former CEO Roger Hector.

However, composer Grigsby denies this and claims that music from Jackson is certainly there in the game. This is also confirmed by Howard Drossin, who was brought in to recompose after Jackson’s deal with SEGA broke down following the molestation charges.

The connection between Sonic 3 and Michael Jackson has been quite noticeable, and we finally know the truth after 23 years. Irrespective of what your opinion about MJ is, there’s no denying his massive influence and impact on western music culture.

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